Designer Boa Constrictors


2015/2016 Breeding Season is shaping up!

We have a very exciting upcoming season with 11 potential pairings!  Great locality pairings including pure Pulcappa Peruvians,  Belem Brazilians,  and Surinames.  Outstanding morph projects including Arabesque Sunglows,  EBV Super-Salmon Jungles,  and Coral Jungle Sunglows!  Multiple BCC sharp albino pairings,  outcrossing top of the line BCC Suriname bloodlines to continue progressing one of the best sharp albino boa projects on the planet!

Check out the "Breeding Trials" section for more details

Long-Term Project

This is our beautiful Suriname BCC boa "Squeezer",  produced by Matt Pope.  She is a strong and powerful boa that stayed very light as an adult!  Fusing her robust traits into an outstanding 25% Suri Sharp albino project (making the offspring 62.5% Suri BCC) has yielded some of the most BCC-looking boas carrying an albino mutation I've seen to date. 

Her boyfriend,  a 25% BCC Sharp Albino,  isn't bad either!

Their 62.5% BCC 100% Het Sharp Albino offspring,  before first shed:

After shed:

They look pretty BCC,  huh?!  Can you imagine the sharp albinos from these guys!?  Can you imagine the breeding them into another outstanding Suriname BCC bloodline taking the BCC blood ratio up to 81.25%!?